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In the winter of 2019, a Global airborne virus called Covid-19 struck the world. Because it was novel and lethal, Global safety measures meant large gatherings were banned. These safety measures along with there being no cure for the virus, has hurt the travel industry, sports and entertainment industry, and the Arts. No theatrical performances, nor exhibitions at galleries nor museums. Despite these challenges, the artist will be exhibiting work in 2020, and we will keep this site updated.

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CCAD 2020 Fashion Show

"Mercy" fashion line by Makenzie Stilies
"Mercy" fashion line by Makenzie Stilies

The spring of 2020 would have seen for the first time in the global history of fashion shows, models walking down the catwalk in clothing embedded with images from prison art. However, Covid-19 restrictions prevented this from becoming a reality.

Columbus College of Art and Design 4th year undergrad student Makenzie Stiles had her final year to create a fashion line. It was a moment for self-expression, but she wasn't thinking about herself. She was thinking of those who had no voice. She would use her opportunity for the public to hear the voice of prisoners. Prisoners who spoke how she spoke, visually. Her Opus to the world of fashion design is called Mercy. A boutique set of fashion designs created with black ink and images of prison art; tattooed into high quality white leather. The designer had no point person to turn to, as the entire process and project was so novel, even to the 141-year-old private academic institution. In 2019 she teamed up with C-Note as her principle artist. He provided her access to his artwork, as well as the artwork of other prisons.

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Beauty Behind Bars/No More Shame 2020

Beauty Behind Bars/No More Shame was a prison art exhibition scheduled for August 16, 2020, at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts. The event was cancelled due to Covid-19 health restrictions. The event curator was Ericka Scott, the owner and founder of Honey Art Studio. This event was a labor of love with her co-curator, her husband Pride. Pride is a California State prisoner and introduced his wife to prison art. They have been collaborating in this space for over half-a-decade.

"We were hoping to have a live showing of the work at the SF Yerba Buena for Arts on Sunday August 16, 2020," says Ericka Scott. "The goal was to print the art work and hang them on the inside of the glass windows so people can see the pieces from the outside (due to COVID). The idea was still being discussed. If it would have been set up, individuals would have been encouraged to practice social distancing while viewing.We are creating a virtual gallery of the work which will be displayed on the YBCA website. Their Marketing team is fully engaged to help get visibility for the project."

One work that was selected and published on the Honey Art Studio website is C-Note's work Strange Fruit. Strange Fruit was created to raise awareness of the suicide rate at the California Institution for Women (C.I.W.). During an 18-month period in 2014-15, the suicide rate at C.I.W. was eight times the national average for women prisoners, and five times the rate for the entire California prison system.

Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Flowers 2020

Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Flower was an exhibition of prison art for the fall of 2020. The exhibition had been curated by Leslie Lakes, the director of Prison Art Touching Hearts, P.A.T.H.. Proceeds from the exhibition was designated for the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

C-Note's donated work
C-Note's donated work

"I had worked very hard; 1 to 1-1/2 years ago approaching and communicating with various art gallery venues to get exhibits of inmate artwork on their 2020 calendars, and due to Covid, ALL THREE MAJOR INMATE ART EXHIBITS WERE CANCELLED FOR THIS YEAR. Terribly frustrating and disappointing. Cannot recoup that time," says Lakes. "Now that the exhibit will not take place as scheduled, I am starting to list the individual pieces for sale on Ebay. Ebay has a special feature where one can select a charitable non profit foundation. Sale of the art will go directly to the ST. JUDE CHILDREN'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL as was originally planned."

BACK TO LIFE: 5th International Art Competition 2020

Back to Life is the theme of the fifth international art competition that the non-profit organization Art and Prison e.V. is announcing for imprisoned individuals. Artworks from women, men and adolescents in correctional institutions will be awarded prizes. A jury of art experts will decide the winners.

Entry Deadline: October 15th 2020

Drawings, paintings and graphics may be entered that don't exceed 60 x 80 cm. If possible, they should be framed or in a passepartout.

This was C-Note's second participation in the International event. At this time, the work he submitted cannot be shared, as participating works are still being juried.

Excerpt from Free Virtual Art Exhibition (1-Artist; 1-Subject; 21-Works)


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